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Fight Inflammation Naturally with the Right Meals.

Introducing our anti-inflammatory cookbook, packed with high-protein, gluten-free & easy-to-prepare recipes that use ingredients from your local grocery.

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Winning Against Inflammation: 50+ Recipes for a Healthier Life - Book Cover
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Hannah Jenkins
Written by Dr. Hannah Jenkins

Registered Dietician & Certified Inflammation Expert with 10+ years of experience.

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Discover the Life-Changing Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet🍉

Transform your health and well-being with recipes that are easy to prepare and gluten-free! Backed by science!

Reduce Your Pain & Inflammation

Our e-book includes a wide variety of recipes that are specifically designed to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and improve overall health.

Improved Digestion

Improve Digestion & Gut Health

Support your gut with anti-inflammatory ingredients that improves your digestion and gut issues.

Strengthen the Immune System

Boost your immune system by combating inflammation, promoting overall wellness and avoid chronic diseases.

Improved Energy Levels

Increase Energy Levels

Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods that provide lasting energy throughout the day, including high protein for better muscle health.

Improved Mental Clarity

Get Increased Mental Clarity

Improve your mental clarity and experience greater focus and cognitive function by reducing brain fog and fatigue.

Loss Your Weight

Shed excess weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle with high-protein, low-calories meals from the cookbook.

Winning Against Inflammation: 50+ Recipes for a Healthier Life - Front Cover

What's in the e-book?

Learn about the science behind inflammation and how an anti-inflammatory diet can improve your health in our introduction chapter.

Discover the many benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, including reducing inflammation, improving overall health and preventing chronic diseases in this chapter.

Learn which common ingredients causes inflammation, and remove them from your diet, and improve your health. This chapter includes a list of ingredients to watch out for and alternatives to use in your cooking.

Explore a variety of delicious, anti-inflammatory recipes that are high in protein. These recipes are easy to prepare and use readily available ingredients.

Note: Every recipe features the calories, protein, carbs, fats per serving. Also how the recipe helps reduce inflammation!

We introduce 7 bonus breakfast recipes to kickstart your day! Also, get your printable 7-day meal plan to reduce your inflammation quickly.

Get practical tips on how to implement an anti-inflammatory diet in your daily life and be healthy in the long run.

Each Recipe Includes:

  • The calories, protein, carbs, fats per serving.
  • Also, how the recipe helps reduce inflammation
  • Each recipe is easily printable!

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Find out how our cookbook helped everyday people achieve their health and wellness goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The e-book is available in PDF format, which is compatible with most devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email with a download link to access your e-book. Click on the link, and the e-book will automatically download to your device.

Yes, you can easily print the e-book for personal use. You can either print the entire book or select specific recipe pages and recipes that you’d like to have a physical copy of.

Currently, we only offer the e-book version of “Winning Against Inflammation: 50+ Recipes for a Healthier Life”. This allows us to provide the book at a lower cost and makes it easily accessible to readers worldwide.

We’ll work on distributing physical copies soon!

Many of the recipes in the e-book are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian. However, we encourage you to modify the recipes to suit your individual dietary needs and preferences.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team through the contact form. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer support team within 7 days of purchase, and we will work with you to address your concerns or issue a refund.